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Your best bet for black grilles is to buy a set and have them powdercoated afterwards. I bought a set of Street Scene grilles from 360AirIntakez and they also did the powdercoating, I thought they turned out very nice.

Black rims are pretty hard to find - you can look through the wheels section of this site, they're pretty scarce. You may have to go the same route as above - pick the rims you like then have them powdercoated black.

If you get the cuda pan I believe you have to remove the spare tire, move it to the bed or ditch it altogether. Most of the other pans will allow the spare tire. Almost all of them are easy to install, the stock bumper comes off with just a handful of bolts, and the roll pans usually mount with 4 bolts and a handful of screws.

The chrome DODGE emblem comes from the tailgate of the 2002+ Dodge Ram 1500, and the 5.9 R/T comes from the 2000-2001 Durango R/T's doors. You can order these emblems from any dealership or a distributor like www.moparsupercenter.com. There are no raised V6, 4x4, or 3.9L V6 emblems that I'm aware of.
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