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New Jersey People!!

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I know there are a couple NJ members on the baord. Post here if your from NJ Maybe we can get a little meet goin on!
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Probably. My truck only has an Airaid intake, throttlebody spacer and a Hypertech chip. Savin money for a house. It runs15.1 spinnin tire all the way. Had to get out of it 3 x's to hook.
Cool, I got airmax intake, throttle body spacer, fastman throttle body, and gibson split dual exhaust. no time yet, i will get first time on the 6th
The split duals (same side)or extreme duals(opp. sides) How much?
they are the duals that come straight out the back, one on each side


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Hey thats my truck, j/k. Cool, I like the MBRP cuda exhaust but its expensive.
i considered the mbrp, too expensive, i got the gibson set up for 290.00 and it sounds pretty mean after it breaks in for a few weeks.
Im in Atco, right down the street from Atco Raceway
Thats cool atco is about 30-40 mins from my house.
March 13th come stop by Cecil County Dragway in MD. The track kicks a$$ you won't regret it! ;-)
Jamesburg , NJ

'98 White Durango 5.2 V8 Lil sumthing under the hood (littlerally...a little)

And a lot in the cargo Area....lets just say boom, ok? :) lol

Down for whatever we are trying to put something together over on the dodgetalk.com forums also....know im a little late in posting but figured i woul try and put a fire under some asses
Hey up north here

Hey up in Bergen County. Exit 161 Pky We all in Jersey have an exit # :mullet:
Ya I would like a dak meeting
Yep, I grew up exit 153, then moved to exit 40, now I'm at exit 100. About as Jersey as it gets :woot:
I got the same exit number as scott :)

However I much rather the turnpike cause im right next to 8A :)
Im up in Morristown, my parkway exit is 143. just wondering if any meets are coming up soon
Pompton Plains huh that has to be by Pompton Lakes

Right around Jefferson and stuff?
Yea you're pretty close by me. Pompton Plains right by Lincoln Park. Gotta love Chilton Hospital :). What's your ride? Dak-Durango? Whatcha got done? I'm not sure if there are any meets coming up. Haven't heard much in our area.

Ryan H.
We should all meet up we are within an hour of each other....
Well if there's enough interest we should try to set something up. I wouldn't mind a little meet.

Here's my mods:

Real Mods:
52mm F&B Billet TB
GS Motorsport Big Tube Headers w/3.5" Single Spintech Exhaust
M1 2bbl MPI Intake Manifold w/Turtle
B&G Chrysler Specialists M1 PCM Flash
Mopar 2400 Stall Converter
4.56 Yukon Gears
Bilstein Custom Tuned Shocks
Hotchkis Coils and Leafs w/2 Degree Pinion Shims
GTS Ram Air Hood w/14x3 Filter w/Xstream top
HS 1.7 Rockers

Little Stuff:
Taylor Spiro Pro 8mm Wires
Autolite 3923's
Napa Echlin Cap and Rotor
MSD 6a Ignition
MP Valve Covers
180 Thermostat
MSD Blaster SS Coil
Driveshaft Loop
1" Steel Drop Blocks
Mobil 1 Synthetic in Rear and Engine
Simms Dual Katbox

Body Mods:
Clear Corners
Stillen Bumper Cover
Street Scene Roll Pan

Track Mods:
MT ET 28" Slicks on Billet Alum Drag Wheels
15x6" Alum Gen II Dakota Wheels and 205/75/15's for Skinnies

51" Short Belt and Sometimes No Belt
No Sway Bars
TQ Strap
Manually Controlled Stock E-Fan
No Mechanical Fan
Spring Clamps

Ryan H. <--- I think that's all the mods. They call me Mr. Bolt-On :)
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Hey All Im New To The Dakota Scene. But Im In Gloucester And Always Look Forward To Meets.
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