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New headlights and blacked out fog lights

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4.10s , diablotune , intake, flowmaster 40s.
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The interior is super clean too but I would love some leather seats!
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Man that looks awesome! Now get some tint film and smoke those taillights!
Thanks man. Not a bad idea I may do that.
The power was night and day difference with the tune would highly recommend it. I have seen the adjustment for tires but usually going up so let me check on that for you.
Thanks ! I have put alot of time and money into it. I plan on doing every bolt on possible! Lol I have bed stripes as the next mod. I will post pictures up when done.

Running the quarter mile tonight see what the ol dak will run! I will post up my best time slip later tonight.
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Well not as fast as I had hoped but I got my reaction time down alot running a .121
I can tell I need better tires to go faster because my 60 ft time was slow.
That being said 15.7 for an old truck with high mileage ain't to bad. Next mod is 315 wide tires in the back and efan conversion. My goal is to get into the low 15's. Had a blast though and people at the strip loved the truck. I pulled 4 car lengths on the start from a newer z28 and newer 5.0 mustang. They were asleep at the tree ! That was funny to pull away from those cars. They had a .6 and the mustang a .9 reaction to my .1 haha!
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1 - 8 of 15 Posts
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