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I just finished installing Scotts Exhaust: Here is what i had: Gibson shorty headers TO stock Y-Pipe TO high flow cat TO Dynamax single in duel out TO duel tail pipes. With this set up i got 300 HP to all 4 wheels (DURANGO R/T) and 1/4 mile best 14.5 @ 93 mph w/ 2.1 60 ft.... Hopefully in the near future i will retune (perfect power module @ Ida automotive) on the dyno and will post before and after pics of the dyno sheets and my new time slips, before and after, Alittle about the truck, Fastman 408, MSaine valve body and 2800 stall.... I now have Scotts R/T headers on w/power plates (easiest header install i have ever done) Duel cats, X-pipe, spintech true duel muffler. Sounds BITCHIN but still to loud in the cabin, wife will have a fit...
All in all the performance is AWSOME, and if the BUTT dyno can feel the gain in a 5500 lb SUV then i must have gained quite abit of HP and TQ...

Thanks Bob

Oh by the way Scott, my buddies at the muffler shop said the work that was done to the exhaust was the best they have seen, and that you did a fantastic job on the whole project....
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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