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Happy 4th of July!
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SCORE! I just spent all my B-Day money in 1 place! It's great! I love ebay! I just ordered some New Alpine SPX 5.25" Components I had these in my First Dakota and the ROCKED HARD! I can't wait to see what these bad boys do in this one!

They are Bi-Ampable. So I am thinking of running the Tweets off the Front Channel and the Woofers off the Rear Channel. That way I can not only adjust the Mid Bass and the Tweets Seperatly, but since I never use rear fill speakers, I'll be using all that my deck has to offer...

Now I just need a 600+ watt amp for my 2 Comp VR 10s... Hrm... Damnit that'll have to be a different paycheck I suppose! Oh well...

Me = :biggthump
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