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The relationship between oil leaks, crankcase pressure and crankcase ventilation is a topic that has not been understood by the majority of the hot rodding community for quite some time.

Dual Flow PCV valve is the only PCV valve on the market that can be tuned to meet the unique crankcase ventilation needs of each individual engine.

The root of the problem – crankcase pressure that was the result of an inadequate PCV system creating rear main seal leakage, valve cover leaks and others.

Our Dual Flow PCV valve flows the right amount of air at the right times to keep the crankcase under a slight vacuum.
• Patented Dual Flow design (US Pat. No. 9,376,945) splits airflow into separate idle and cruise circuits
• Idle control screw allows user to adjust valve’s idle flow rate
• Cruise control screw allows user to fine tune vacuum level where valve transitions from low flow idle mode to increased flow cruise mode Two springs are included to allow for tuning over a wide range of vacuum levels
• The low vacuum spring can accommodate engines with idle vacuum levels from 7″-10″ Hg, while the high vacuum spring is used on engines with 10″+ Hg at idle.
• Fixed orifice tuning mode can be used for the most radical engine combinations, and accommodates engines with less than 7″ Hg at idle
• Manufactured from 6061-T6 billet aluminum using over 50 precision CNC machining operations
• PCV hose connection barbed tube is integral to main body, barbed tube and main body are machined from one piece of billet aluminum
• One part number fits most domestic V6 and V8 applications
• Adaptors available for applications which do not mount in the valve cover
• Fully serviceable and rebuildable design, rebuild kits available
• Assembled using the best components available.
• Each valve hand inspected, assembled and 100% flow tested

Dual Flow PCV Valve Includes:
(1) Dual Flow PCV Valve
(1) Printed Shop Manual
(1) 3/32″ Allen wrench
(1) 1/8″ Allen wrench
(1) Low vacuum spring
(1) High vacuum spring
(1) Cross passage plug (spare)
(1) Vacuum gauge fitting – used to connect your vacuum gauge to the Dual Flow PCV’s internal passages for tuning
*Note – a vacuum gauge is required for tuning and is not included.
Contact us for details and pricing


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