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NEPA 2000 Quad Cab

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Whats up guys newbie here with a 2000 quad cab V6 5-speed. Lovin it for doing work on my new house and love the space it offers. Power is not horrible, but i demand more. So far running ebay k&n intake, bought dynomax dual 2.5in pipes, magnaflow glasspacks, and some nice 05-07 floormats. Other future plans are wheels and tires, step bars, soft tonnue cover, fender flares (painted), bumper front and rear painted, and bed liner. I will make a ride thread.
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Welcome from Wilkes-Barre. Where are you from?
Thanks I am around Pittston.
Thanks I am around Pittston.
Ah sweet! A local! lol :mullet:
Yes sir. You selling any mods? Lol. You will hear me roaring around one day I am sure. Especially since I work in the industrial park.
I'm looking to get into modding the Kota more. I'm usually running around in my Ranger since the Dakota is still my dad's. I wanna buy it off of him though.
Good choice.
Welcome to the site. :wave:
Welcome from another semi-local. Glad to see you got it in the right color :)
Yep right color wrong engine. Lol.
Your only a couple hundred bucks and an afternoon or two away from being able to add 2 liters and 2 cylinders to that engine lol
Dont tempt me! My woman would kill me if i engine swap another dd. Last one was a H6 into a 99Legacy GT. Looking for a muscle car project so i dont have to make my truck faster
Well at least you'll be able get respectable mileage for a big little 4X4 lol
Yea unfortunately that was the reason for the v6. A few bolt ons should make it a mean machine
Air intake and exhaust ftw! lol
Already on that.

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1 - 20 of 164 Posts
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