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Aight Im a newbie to this forum, as you can probably tell, but I am starting to consider getting a Durango with my Girl, when we get our tax money this year... We got 3 kids so we really need the room and were not Trying to get a van.

Basically I need to know what are common problems that occur with the Durango... I learned after buying my millenia that I need to inquire about this information before I make a purchase because it is a very expensive car to fix....

so basically I am looking for at least the following pieces of information....

- what is the ACTUAL mpg?

- Are parts normally expensive, with respect to other trucks?
(to give you a better idea of what I am asking here... my millenia takes OEM parts only, and when I needed Struts it cost me $500 for all 4. that was ALOT)

- What are some of the differences in the engines that I might want to be aware of? (again any problems or significant benefits?)

- Are there any Year Durangos that I might want to stay away from? If so why?

Thanks, in advance, for the information...

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welcome to the boards. I take it your looking for a D with a 3rd row
what else?

engine sizes 4.7, 5.2 & 5.9 Gen I
4X4 or 4X2? SLT, SXT SLT+ or R/T

some of the things that stand out are ball joints. they have a recall in effect that affects years 2000-2003 so you may want to keep that in mind.

sludge problem with the 4.7's

the rest is minimal and usually easy to fix

sensors (throttle position, crankshaft, idle air control valve & speed sensors)
Most of the sensors don't cost more than $50, but can add up quick

Plenum gasket leaks on some.

OEM shocks & brakes suck. I haven't experienced all of this, but most.

I'm sure others will chime in

on a good note

easy to mod. plenty of aftermarket parts out there

fun to drive & plenty of room for a family of 6

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You are right 3rd row seating is Ideal....

I am considering a gen I 4x4...
as far as the engine goes I am not sure because of the Sludge issue that you have mentioned.... I have read it else where as well...
I think that I also read something about the lifters on the 4.7 going bad too...

so that might be a problem... (the 4.7)

but I would say that the 5.2 would be a more accurate for the engine size, but as far as the model I am not sure of the differences...

If someone can help break down some of the differences that would also be helpful... thanks
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