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mopar rt said:
The 50mm is as large as you should go and what ever brand you decide to go with make sure that it is not over 700 CFM. Some 50-mm throttle bodies are 1000 CFM and that is way too much air.

You may consider installing a CD ignition like the MSD to help burn the lean mixture. Also, if your going to change out intakes this would be a good time to install a new set of injectors. Mopar and Ford Motorsports both sell drop in 24 lb/hr injectors that are good up to 450 HP.
i was looking are replaceing the TB and found one here.
Its from BBK and its 70mm for a 4.7L. Your saying that a 50mm is as large has he should go and he has a 5.9L? So then i shouldnt get this one? Im looking at getting the HP up out of this 4.7L. If i understand you your saying if he goes to a larger one he will lose low-end? By how much would you lose on the low-end if you did that?
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