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So the squeak noise was actualy a very small exhaust leak. Got it on a lift today and found that out so i'm happy i dont have to tear the heads off!

I've decided to put on new headers, and a few other things i'll list below. Let me know your opinions on them please :)

Headers (size, brand, long/short, finish)
Cap, Rotor, & Wires
New Intake
Possibly new headers-back exhaust. Otheriwse i will run 3" single strait.

Info to keep in mind: 99 5.2L SLT Dakota
I live in central wisconsin, this is a DD that needs a little attitude. 4x4 but stock ride height and no plans to change it. I have no inspections to pass but would like to try and keep the CEL off if possible.

Thankyou in advance for your input!
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