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Well first off I'll start by saying I have a 2003 dakota r/t rc. About a 2 months ago iwas driving my truck it had been snowing so the roads are sanded and in really bad shape (pot holes) so I was driving along and i had swerved to miss this pothole, and I started to feel the back end starting to slide, I paniced and over corrected myself and ended up in the ditch on the side of this road. It wasnt a real deep ditch about two ft. but it hit hard! some guys had stoped and helped me push my truck out, it didn't look to bad (expecting the worst) the bumper cover needed to be replaced but other that that it looked ok, started right up drove it home fine. But now I feel as if problems have started, after a close examination i noticed that during impact the plastic around the big fan pushed back into the blades and kind of bent them up along with cracking some of the plastic now it feels as if the fan is always running, and if it did before it wasnt as noticeable as it is now. And when the truck is in netural and i hit the gas all you hear is the fan spinning in the front barely any exhaust like before Im getting my bumper replaced on monday w/street scenes gen II so after that should i take it to the dealer and act like nothing happened, and it's just acting funny and let warranty cover it...or tell the truth and hope they will fix it...Either way not trying to involve insurance!!!
Thanks for the help, any advice or ideas of the problem would hlp!
sorry for the long post
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