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A buddy of mine has a 93 Dodge van with the 5.2 v8......Same engine thats in my 92 Dak....

He has a problem...when he tries to go up a hill he loses a lot of power.....feels to him like it is starving for fuel......had soem backfiring/chugging but not always.....just dangerously low power.

He checked his plugs and they are fine, changed fuel filter, air filter...

Tested fuel pressure at idle...about 31 psi as per theb ook....jumps up to 40 or so when the vacuum to the regulator is pulled.....But when on the road, at speed, and he tried to pass/take a hill, the pressure drops to 20 psi or so....

Does this seem right? Seems to me that the pressure shouldnt drop like this...

Thoughts?? Engine has 90k or so....

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