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OK so its time to start ordering parts for my build and i could use some advice on the selection of the following items. My goal is to just have a reliable motor that can handle 8hr road trips and track time on the weekends with having to worry about blowing it up. With that said i will NOT be using nitrous and i will not be going to much over the boost the kenne bell puts out stock.

Rods: I would like to reuse my stock rods, but is this asking for trouble? Are the stock ones strong enough to handle the SC?

Pistons: I have only seen ross pistons so i will most likely get those, but what options? (FLAT/DOME/DISH) i am also thinking about doing a .030 bore, but not sure if that will be worth the trouble or not :huh:

Cams: I have a set of 212's but not sure if i should use them or sell them and get something else. Would these work well with my SC?

Fuel injectors: Not sure if i need new ones of if i can just up the PSI on my regulator. http://www.dakota-durango.com/forum/showthread.php?t=105742

Here is a list of all the performance related mods I have done to my truck (even the ones that don't add hp).
JBA shorty headers
custom 2.5" mandrel bent exhaust with magnaflow y pipe
SCT tuned
212 cams (to be installed)
asp under drive pulley
alt under drive pulley
power steering under drive pulley
removed a/c
180 deg T-stat
removed EVAP
dual relocated oil filters
summit fuel pump
72mm F&B TB
custom ram air intake
2003 intake manifold Being replaced with a KENNE BELL :mullet:
removed clutch fan
Shardon stage III valve body
4.10 gears
Moser axles
Dynojet a/f gauge
Dakota Digital oil pressure gauge
Dakota Digital (still need to order)
Detroit LSD
5-45rfe TCM
M/T slicks on racing 16's
solid motor and trans mounts
Complete new fuel system including all new ss lines, fuel pump, regulator, tank, and billet fuel rails (being made as we speak)

For the suspension I have Hotchkis coil springs, QA1 adj shocks, and custom tubular control arms upfront and in the rear I have a 4-link, watts link, and QA1 adj coil overs. I also relocated the battery to the rear of the truck along with a custom fuel tank.

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Is it worth the trouble to bore it or should i just skip that and use that $ to go towards the rods? I will probably be using a block that has under 35k miles on it. If the cams are not ideal do you think i should sell them and put that towards new ones or will they make a noticeable difference? Also do I need to take the crank out to swap the rods and pistons?
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