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Well I'm almost their now. I got the exhaust and the front brakes done today and the intake just got here today while I was out on our farm so that's going in tomorrow. Sadly the locker didn't get shipped out until I called them on Friday wondering why I hadn't gotten a tracking number yet, so I'm waiting to do that and the rear brakes next weekend.

So far I am a little dissapointed. The exhaust I got didn't fit quite right and they gave me no way to adjust it really. It's made to fit regular cab, ext cab and quad cab, so that's the problem pretty much. The pipe before the muffler was to long forcing the rest of the exhaust back, so I had to take out my spare tire in order to fit and the tips are sticking out about 2-3". Oh well wasn't expecting a perfect fit system for $170. The other thing that's dissapointing is it's to damn quiet! Even before I had the new muffler on (Cherry Bomb Extreme), with just the 2 pre cats and the cat it was really quiet. So next on my list now for sure is to get a new Y-pipe and either a high-flow cat or no cat. I will say that it sounds pretty good though, just much to quiet for me. And it seems to have a little more get up and go to it, hoping combing the intake with it tomorrow will make even more of a difference.
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