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Should I keep these wheels on my truck?

  • Yes they look great!

    Votes: 1 3.3%
  • No they look bad!

    Votes: 29 96.7%
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I just picked these wheels and tires up last night and put them on tonight.

They are Boss Motorsports Style 303s in 18" with BFG 245/55/18 Tires.

3 Tires are good and one is marginal as the kid didnt have a proper alignment so one tire has some uneven wear on the outside edge. The good ones probably have around 40% life left I would guess. Get me by for at least 6-12months im sure if not longer. Missing 2 Centercaps.

They looked good in the pics but now that I have them on the truck im undecided if I want to keep them or not.

The chrome is good. And though it looks like it the tires do not stick out past the top edge of the wheel wells though they are right there pushing the limit. At full lock they will rub the front frame rail so much so that I think a tire size change is in order if keeping them for the long run.

Right now with price of the set and gas to go get them I have about $400 in it. So im sure I could at the very least break even if not make a little on them.

But I need your opinion if you think they look good or not on the truck!


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I say get rid of em.

I believe that 99% of the time, stock wheels (besides black/grey steelies) look better than after market rims. I am definitely not a fan of after market rims.
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