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I put some Blizzak snow tires on my stock rims (too bad it didn't snow in Minneapolis this year) and I am looking for new rims for my stock 17" tires. I am finding the 5 x 5.5 (5 x 139) bolt pattern is not too common. I've checked Tire Rack, Discount Tire and a bunch of other sites looking for 17" rims. I don't want to spend the $ for 18" wheels & tires although I may have to pop for a set if I can't find 17". I use the truck for work and don't want 20" or larger.

There probably isn't much of a market for the 265/65-17 stock tires judging from the problems I had finding snows last fall. Between the blank stares and guys going out to confirm the size cuz they thought couldn't read, I quickly figured this was a new, oddball size.

Has anyone seen any decent 17" rims that don't look like they were bought by a NBA player? I like the light, thin spoke look.
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