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Hey all. gotta question for you. so i park my truck in my driveway every night usually with the front end toward the garage like this so the front of the truck is up on an angle. welll the other day I noticed some stuff on the driveway. I cant tell what it is but it has the consistency of gritty mud and kind of smells oily and burnt. Now this stuff is literally covering the back half of my gas tank and some of it is even on the beds sheetmetal. so it looks like something sprayed all over but I cant figure out what. I felt the differential and it seems to be dry. I tried to feel around the gas tank but I cant tell whats going on.

Is it possible that its a gas leak and it somehow gets all coagulated somehow? It is a sludgy consistency should I be worried about it being in the tank?

Ive noticed that a lot of times Ill look at the gas gauge after I park for the night and say "oh I got enough gas for tommorow" and than the next day It is lower than the day before. for example last night I swore I saw it had an 1/8th of a tank left and had no low gas light on. than this morning I started the truck it was on E and the light was on. I figured that it was just how it is with this truck but now im wondering if im losing fuel. is it possible?

The spot on the driveway is underneath where the back of the truck is every night. the other day I parked the opposite way in my driveway (so where the spot is the engine is over it) for about an hour and my dad thinks that its oil from my truck when I parked that way. but im thinking no way not that much after an hour, and why only when its parked on a certain angle and not any incline?

any guesses guys? im gonna take her to a mechanic soon. and sorry for the long cconfusing post. I just bought this truck a month ago and they said they did an inspection and there was no leaks (dealer) and now all of a sudden there is! btw the truck has 115k on the odo I just want to know what to look for

Oh and its an 03 Hemi QC 1500:help:

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IDK really hard to tell by your discription, do you have any pictures of it? And for the gas gauge, parking at certain angles will change where the needed is, and if you had a gas leak that bad you would smell it FOR SURE.

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Not a gas leak, more like the pinion seal has gone south. Get that in fast, the longer you wait, the higher the repair bill will get.
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more like the pinion seal has gone south.
I was thinking the same thing. I had a similar problem on my ride a while ago. Replaced the pinion seal (under warranty) and it went away.

The oil in the rear diff is leaking out the pinion seal and is being splattered around by the drive shaft spinning around.

Good luck... :worky:

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Smell of gas and another easy tell is watch your mpgs. Have they fallen? Do you watch that anyways? If you do not, start watching your mpgs. That is one of the first things to tell you if there is a problem. Do not know what to tell you on your mystery leak.
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