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My HVAC box replacemet

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I tackled the replacement of my heater box Friday night. Total time spent on this project...12 hours. 2 hours of which were spent on rewiring my in cab accessories.

The issue surrounding my decision to replace the box are these.

1- my mode selector switch did not work......ie stuck on air conditioning mode for three years lol
2- my ac started to drain into the passenger compartment causing major water accumulation up under the carpet.

Pics are from start to finish. Most are self explanetory but I will explain the problem associated with the corrosponding pic if necessary.

Out with the old...

In with the used replacement...

Putting things back together...

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Originally I thought I could fix or repair the broken actuators located on the driver side of the HVAC box but I soon realized that the actuators were fine, the box itself was broken off where the actuater sat.

By actuater I mean the plastic arm pieces attatched to the box that rotate when the mode dial is turned.

Pics of what I mean....

This is where the box was broken:

And this is what it supposed to look like...

All the insides and moving parts are replaceable on the the boxes. I decided to take a better dash vent door from my old box and install it on the nex box.

Once I got the dash back together and had the chance to check my work I turned the key on, and turned the fan on and NOTHING. I quickly figured out the problem....well two problems actually.

1-the blower resister that came with the box was shot so I swapped it out for my original one.

2-The wiring harness was fucked up....it was melted and corroded at the male plug end. I had to splice the plug out for one off my original box.

I also decided to clean up my wiring jobs over the last few years by re routing and bundling up together my wiring. Much cleaner now,

Just a small tip, if you need to get at the bolts on the firewall, lay an old blanket across your engine. It makes it waayyy more comfortable to sit there while you fuck around getting things apart and back together again.

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