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my 4bt cummins dakota

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wasn't sure if anyone was interested but i'll throw up a thread about my truck.
i startednt this project when i was 15. i was into diesel pretty early and i wanted something a little differerent so i came up with the idea of a small truck with a diesel. i had it built and driving by the time i was 16 with alot of help from my dad. I've been driving my dakota as a daily driver since. last year i did some mods to the engine including fuel mods, a huge intercooler, twin turbo's, and a streight piped 4 inch exhaust.
here is some pictures

some big plans for the future i want to have new axles, transmission and a race suspension.
i also picked up another 4bt with a different injection pump capable of supporting huge hp. physicaly the pump can be capable of moving enough fuel for 1000+ hp. where as my current one can't support much more than 300hp worth, it also can't handle high rpm's very well.
anyways depending on the money situation i'm either gonna build up the new engine to hopefully around the 700hp mark.

or if money is a little tight then i'll just do some smaller mods on the current setup such as a major head port and probably hook up the nitrous kit that i've had for almost two years now.

plans are to get big power and then test the strength of the rest of the parts at the 1/4 mile and replace broken parts with stronger replacment parts
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that non lockup 727 with overdrive, was a 518 model which is the SAME as a 47 RH exactly they just changqed the name of them.... same tranny
The RH was only 94-95 cummins and v-10
how did you get the nv3500 to bolt to the 4bt I cant seem to find anything about the adapter plate
Adapter plates will work from 1994-2006, 5.9 only, the 6.7 adapters are different. The early ones only work with non-lockup converters. Standard shift and auto plates are the same.

They never made a factory one that fits ANY gas engine except the V -10, and never the 3500 tranny
Not true. All that "RH" or "RE" means is whether the governor within the trans is hydraulic or electronic governor. That portion of the trans \model designation has NOTHING to do with what engine was in front of it.
RH was up til 95 and RE started in 96 with OBD-II.

The 42-44-46-47-48 determines the torque that the particular transmission is rated for, the "4" in that designates 4 speeds, the 2nd digit is the torque rating portion.
the 42 and 44 models were "904 based" and 46-47-48 models were 727 based. If you had a Cummins or V10 you would have a 47 or 48/ but that 47 could be a 47 RH OR a 47 RE, see earlier in post.

It is true, the RH was only 94-95 and the only ones that will fit the dodge
/cummins adapter plate are from a cummins or V-10 truck!!
OK; yes the Cummins and V10 shared a bellhousing bolt pattern that will only fit those engines; just like the old days where a slant 6, small block and big block had different bellhousing bolt patterns; but that still has nothing to do with whether we are talking about "RH" or "RE" version!
(and before you say that those eariler trannys weren't OD, youre right, I know that, just trying to make a point here) but in the same way as what I am saying, you could get a 727 for a /6 or a small block, or a big block; different bellhousing pattern but yes still 727's in that case. and they built a 904 for some (most) /6 applications, and for the small block but never for a big block.

The Dodge OD's started being called A500 and A518, which the names were later changed to the "RH"/"RE" designation, (oh yeah in those days the one meant for behind a Cummins was called an ""A618" the name changed but at that point, the transmissions didn't.
the "518" was what then became known as a "46 RH" and the Cummins bersion "618" became known as the "47RH"
My son has a 92 D250 with a Cummins and Automatic; the "618" transmission in there is the same as a "47RH". It will directly swap./
so to hopefully help you out, you can get a trans out of a Cummins truck back to 91 if you want OD, or even back to 89 if a 3 speed will suffice.
Well thank you, but I've been doing the 518 non lock up to 47rh conversions for people for years, and building "48RH's" also. Basically putting 48re guts in a 47rh case. Those 6 pinion steel planetaries are nice behind high torque 12 valves. As opposed to 4&5 pinion aluminum ones. Billet shafts are a must also. At least if you do boosted launches
What do you want to know? What are you trying/wanting to do?
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