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my 4bt cummins dakota

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wasn't sure if anyone was interested but i'll throw up a thread about my truck.
i startednt this project when i was 15. i was into diesel pretty early and i wanted something a little differerent so i came up with the idea of a small truck with a diesel. i had it built and driving by the time i was 16 with alot of help from my dad. I've been driving my dakota as a daily driver since. last year i did some mods to the engine including fuel mods, a huge intercooler, twin turbo's, and a streight piped 4 inch exhaust.
here is some pictures

some big plans for the future i want to have new axles, transmission and a race suspension.
i also picked up another 4bt with a different injection pump capable of supporting huge hp. physicaly the pump can be capable of moving enough fuel for 1000+ hp. where as my current one can't support much more than 300hp worth, it also can't handle high rpm's very well.
anyways depending on the money situation i'm either gonna build up the new engine to hopefully around the 700hp mark.

or if money is a little tight then i'll just do some smaller mods on the current setup such as a major head port and probably hook up the nitrous kit that i've had for almost two years now.

plans are to get big power and then test the strength of the rest of the parts at the 1/4 mile and replace broken parts with stronger replacment parts
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I'm sorry I guess left that part out. Right now I'm using the stock nv3500 but I want to switch to an automatic in the future standard is far from perfect drag tranny. Especially with turbos
the engines come out of step vans. they can be found around every now and then.
my mpg are in the high 20's

ya i figure right now i have only one rear wheel that spins so i don't have alot of traction getting to the tranny so thats probably helping to protect it. i'm not sure what auto to go with i was thinking about just talking to my local diesel performance tranny shop to see what they can do for me. the only problem is that it will be expensive as hell
if memory serves, they use the 42 and 44 RE on the v6 and v8 dak. i THINK the 46 RE was behind the 360 in the R/T so that would fit, but i think it's tight. the 48 will fit with a BFH iirc. it is bigger, and you need to trim some extra things iirc, but you can beat the stock floor out enough to shoehorn it in

Crazy awesome swap though man.
can't swap the fuel pump to the engine you have now?
how much HP are you putting out getting high 20's for MPG?
you could but to swap the injection pump onto my current engine i'd have to pull off the front timing cover all the gears underneath to get the rear cover off and then change that out with a new one then put everything back on as well as change the injectors and a few other things its probably easier just to build up the new engine
i'm proably around the 300hp mark right now getting high 20's

Out of pure curiousity, what adapter to you have that allows the SBM trans to bolt to it?
its a custom made addaptor and flywheel that i had a local machine shop make up to my specs

I'm officially on the hunt for a 4BT now, I will have the 2 gen in the spring and want to start getting everything together for the swap. I was wondering if you could give me any tips on finding a used rebuildable engine for the project? I plan on keeping the stock drivetrain until i blow it up but want a cheap cool little econo truck to daily drive.
the engines can be hard to find ussually its better to try and find a remand step van. as far as keeping the truck reasonabley priced i would just get the engine running real good at around 200 or so hp so that you don't have to worry about the stock drivetrain every time you put the petal to the floor

Dakota3.9R/T said:
Awesome truck. I've been throwing this idea around for a gen 2 4x4 Dakota with a 4bt for towing/off rd. They make adapter plates to merge any trans to the 4bt. I'd go with a chevy turbo 400, or a 4l80e if you want all out power. I believe they came with a turbo 400 in the box trucks. I talked to a guy at the track with a 6bt in a ranger with ac and everything. He was running 124mph in the quarter with a 4l80e getting almost 30 mpg on the hwy. Major props for doing it big. Plan on doing a trans soon cuz that nv3500 is going to turn into a twizler once that torque hits it hard. Really Bad ass truck. Congrats.
i really like the idea of the 4l80e, the fact that you could have an auto but still have the abbility to pick your gears for stuff like burnouts and whatnot is pretty cool. i especially like the fact that you can adjust your shiftpoints through a controller. but i'm on a students budget and the newer the technology is the harder it can be to make it work with something unique and i don't have a big enough budget to keep throughing money into a 4l80e until it works.
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why not go with a 47RH, and then build accordingly based on the power needs? No un-modified transmission is going to like the power/torque output of a >400whp diesel, and I cannot imagine a 4l80 being cheaper than the 47RH for go fast parts/power handling ability
ya i haven't really looked around all that much yet i was gonna do some talking with the local tranny shops this summer.
any updates with this thing?
got nitrous hooked up this summer and the clutch can't hold the power, so i now have a 4l80e that i will swap in over the winter. also need to hook up some traction bars because it hops like a bitch off the line

also got all the parts i need to swap my engine over to a p pump and make a whole lot more power but i need to save up a whole bunch more money before cause i need to put quite a bit into all the preformance parts i have in mind as well as a full build for the 4l80e. cause the 4l80e might survive what i'm putting out now but it wouldn't stand a chance against my future plans. maybe next year
Were you in Sutton Ontario recently? Saw the exact same truck, definitely a diesel as well.
nope not me truck hasn't left alberta in a long time

there is a bunch of videos in there, they are all older though i now have a locker in the rear.
i'm a dodge guy but there heavy duty tranny's are garbage in stock form and you need to throw alot of money at them to change that. also for my purpose you can't beat the 4l80e for its tuning, i can up the shift points or even manually shift as well as tune them in for street driving, you don't have the tunability with anything else. and the 4l80e can be built extensivly much cheaper than the dodge trannys
I've upgraded the dueling a bunch and swapped to an auto so I can launch good. Now I need to get the traction to the ground, need new rear suspension maybe, new propper tires and probably a new rear axle.
You ever run this thing down the track?
Ya It was running 15.0 flat with alot less fuel, a standard tranny, a clutch slipping like crazy, and wheel hop like I've never seen before.

It's got much more fuel and boost than before, an auto tranny that should make a huge difference in times, working on suspension now. Still doing alot of tuning I'll post up some videos tonight if I get a chance.
I have to find some caltracs in a hurry I have a big diesel event in August that I would like to run this thing in.
Not bad for a heavy ass QC with a heavier drivetrain put in it. I would remove as much weight as possible and a good set of slicks and it will be night and day..
That's what I'm thinking.
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