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my 4bt cummins dakota

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wasn't sure if anyone was interested but i'll throw up a thread about my truck.
i startednt this project when i was 15. i was into diesel pretty early and i wanted something a little differerent so i came up with the idea of a small truck with a diesel. i had it built and driving by the time i was 16 with alot of help from my dad. I've been driving my dakota as a daily driver since. last year i did some mods to the engine including fuel mods, a huge intercooler, twin turbo's, and a streight piped 4 inch exhaust.
here is some pictures

some big plans for the future i want to have new axles, transmission and a race suspension.
i also picked up another 4bt with a different injection pump capable of supporting huge hp. physicaly the pump can be capable of moving enough fuel for 1000+ hp. where as my current one can't support much more than 300hp worth, it also can't handle high rpm's very well.
anyways depending on the money situation i'm either gonna build up the new engine to hopefully around the 700hp mark.

or if money is a little tight then i'll just do some smaller mods on the current setup such as a major head port and probably hook up the nitrous kit that i've had for almost two years now.

plans are to get big power and then test the strength of the rest of the parts at the 1/4 mile and replace broken parts with stronger replacment parts
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I'm planning on picking up a second gen for cheap that is already a 2.5 5 speed and the first thing that popped into my head was a 4BT swap. Im casually looking for one but no luck so far. That looks so sweet, great job man!
I'm officially on the hunt for a 4BT now, I will have the 2 gen in the spring and want to start getting everything together for the swap. I was wondering if you could give me any tips on finding a used rebuildable engine for the project? I plan on keeping the stock drivetrain until i blow it up but want a cheap cool little econo truck to daily drive.
1 - 2 of 75 Posts
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