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I originally posted this on another forum. Thought I would duplicate it here as well. Install was done over Memorial Day weekend, 2004.

This weekend I put in my ignition and wires. Overall everything went smoothly. Had one connection snafu, frustrating for a little bit but no harm done. I installed the following items:

Mopar branded MSD 6AL ignition
MSD Blaster SS coil
MSD plugwires, part 32189 for 94-97 Ram
MSD coil wire
MSD RFI noise filter
Accel cap and rotor

I installed the igniton behind the battery on the drivers side. Looked like that was really the only place it would fit. PITA to get the vibration mounts installed. Had to cram my wrist up into the narrow opening, balance on one foot and tighten everything by hand. Good thing no one was taking a video of it, I imagine it was quite comical. Because of the large opening, I could only mount 3 of the mounts, but it should be fine.

The wires were just long enough to get to my new coil location behind the distributor. Same with the control wires that connected to the harness that went to the stock coil. I had to remove the wiper cowl in order to install the coil vibration mounts. I bought a coil wire that was about 12" long or so, and used the longer one that came with my plugwires to connect to the stock coil in case I need to revert back.

I was going to use weatherpack connectors on the stock coil wires, but the price was $9 for one side only. Instead I used a $1.79 2-wire flatpack trailer extension wire I bought at Autozone. Not as weathertight as a weatherpack connector, but it will work quite well I think. I bought 2 packages so I could have a quick disconnect on the coil wire, harness wire and the wire from the MSD ignition. Should the ignition fail or if I need to go back to stock, all I have to do is disconnect and reconnect to the stock coil, pull the coil wire off the top of the distributor and connect the stock one. Works fine.

I also installed the RFI noise filter next to the ignition. It was a slight PITA to wire up, since you need to strip about 1-1/2" of insulation from both wires, form a loop with the bare wires and assemble in a screw assembly before attaching to the capacitor.

Plugs were regapped to .050, and dielectric grease was used on the sockets. The cap and rotor came off very easily. Two screws on the cap, and the rotor just pulled straight off. The shaft is notched so the new rotor will install into the same position. I installed the new wires on the new cap with the old cap and wires still connected. I found that to be easier than matching all the wires up and then installing them on the cap. There is also some slightly specific boot and wire routing on the cap as well, so having them side by side was helpful to get everything lined up correctly. The MSD wires seem to be slightly longer than the stock ones as well.

Everything seems to work very well. Idles a little smoother, and it seemed to pull a little stronger at 40+mph. Under WOT at those speeds it seemed to jump forward with a little more power. If I had to pay full price for everything I put in I probably would not have done it, but since most of what I got were pretty good ebay deals, I am happy with it. I bought the ignition and filter on ebay at a substantial discount over a regular MSD ignition, and both were new items. I also liked the black look of the Mopar version over the red of the MSD. I would have bought the black MSD wires, but they were more expensive. I bought the plug wires, blaster ss coil and Accel cap/rotor from Summit Racing. The smaller coil wire I bought from Speedtek performance locally, as their price was actually cheaper than Summit, but only on that one item. I also have no electronic noise or feedback that I can detect in my radio, and my Gtech Competition Pro still reads my RPMs. According to the Gtech folks they have had numerous problems with it registering RPMs on MSD ignition equipped vehicles.

I thought about getting Taylor wires, but it was only about $15 more for the MSD wires, and I don't think the Taylor set comes with a coil wire, which was a bonus. I was not expecting the coil wire with the MSD set, and I don't recall seeing it in any of the product descriptions.

Attached are some pics of the install.


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