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Finally get my '92 Dakota back together, get the coolant out of the oil, and the radiator filled. I ran the motor to top off the coolant, start the Seafoam treatment and let her sit for the 5 minutes as per the instructions. She fired right back up, so I was letting it run until the exhaust was clear. Next thing I know, I've got coolant dripping out from under the dash (under the radio and onto the gas pedal), and the blower isn't running. Temp was good, but the coolant was getting worse. When I shut it down, it sounded like the heater core was boiling, and there was steam coming from the defroster vents by the windshield. Did I just turn my truck into a mobile steam cleaner? I'm not above just throwing some detergent in the radiator and then shooting it...

Will the shutoff valve mod work to prevent coolant from entering the heater core (and then dripping all over my floor), or should I just sell the truck to Bissell?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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