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monkmann said:
:bs2: I have a 1997 Dakota 5.2 4x4 with 120k , I have a few problems. 1) It sometimes doesnt idle or stalls occasionally anytime, no code-replaced TPS and cleaned the battery cables and still happens. 2) The cruise control is inop and the brake light and ABS light comes on with no codes 3) When going slow at a constant speed the truck keeps shifting between 1st and 2nd everytime until I give it more gas. 4) One time for my last ride altogether, after a half of an hour of driving the OD light came on and went into 3rd gear by itself and wouldnt go into OD, then after 20 more minutes the TRANS OVERHEAT light came on and started to slip when pulling away from a dead stop. I pulled over and checked the fluid,didnt smell burnt so I waited for 30 minutes for it to cool down. I proceeded to drive it home with it slipping in drive only(I had to put it into 1st so it would move and not slip.I replaced the speed sensor to correct the surge problem between 1st and 2nd but it didnt work and some fluid leaked when I replaced it out so I ran the truck to let it warm up and the fluid said overfull? It has been sitting ever since. Help
1. Almost sounds like a bad fuel pump or clogged fuel filter. Make sure your getting fuel to the engine. You may have severe carbon build up or soemthing along those lines so maybe run some seafoam through it. (The stuff you run through the engine and it smokes and burns all that crap out of there.) Also a severely clogged cat could cause the engine to choke and not be able to get the exhaust out, check the o2 sensors while your at it also.

2. Check your fuses.

3. When was the last time you had the tranny fluid and filter changed? Was the tranny traumatized at anytime? (went without fluid or extremely over heated) Check the shift linkage for the tranny, Im not sure of the specifics of this but a loose connection to the tranny for the throttle will cause the engine and tranny to work against eachother. (not sure on this, wait for others with more experience to chime in)

Thats all I can think of, some other guys will chime in with more knowledge about all this. Good luck.
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