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Midwest 2012 Dakota Meet?

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Hey looking to get a Dakota/Durango meet in the Midwest Iowa/Illinois area thins spring summer? Looking for some feed back on when and where? Got some nice area here in the quad cities. With 3-4 local dynos... maybe make a dynos day of it? Or meet at Cordova drag strip?. Lemme know. Thanks
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This weekend- Monster Mopar- I'll be there- Any one else going, want to hang out? Pm me your number and we can get together- Lates
I'll be there racing of course. I'll stop by sometime. Any changes to the r/t?
Changes?? But of Course!!!
You Guys missed it!!!

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HA YEah Bud- I was worried with it being an all mopar Show they would give me crap about the brakes but them old school muscle guys loved it. WIN WIN!!!!!
Congrats Josh. You got a big win and so did I
Yeah Bud- Jason said you won $750, did you hit another money run on SUN?
Yea, i won street on saturday and got $750 and i was the runner up in street on sunday and got another $500. $1250 for the weekend all in cash
Hell yeah- Thats kick ass man
Tomorrow the 30th is the last day to pre-register for mopar & Dakota R/T Nationals in OHIO before the rate goes up. right now the fee for Mopar nationals is $65 if postmaked by the 6/30/12. After that the fee goes up to $90. Just an FYI to those that may want to attend! Here is a link to more info.

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