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Midwest 2012 Dakota Meet?

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Hey looking to get a Dakota/Durango meet in the Midwest Iowa/Illinois area thins spring summer? Looking for some feed back on when and where? Got some nice area here in the quad cities. With 3-4 local dynos... maybe make a dynos day of it? Or meet at Cordova drag strip?. Lemme know. Thanks
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I've always wanted to do the power tour, where is the route? I was thinking about hosting a track meet at Byron, maybe a t&t day then burgers and brew at my place (10 miles away) after?
Feel free to shoot me a PM if your ever in the area and bored. I would love to check out your truck and brakes.

I'm not gonna race Nitro this year, hate to make him look bad when he can't shake my 6 QC. :jester:

That was a good time! Can't wait to hang out again this year. I do think you got me off the line iirc lol.
Edit: BTW I just found that time slip in my center council LOL
I'm thinking later in the summer when it starts cooling off again. Maybe the beginning of September? Until then the belvedere show is rapidly approaching.
you still up for a local iowa illinois meet?
When and where were you thinking? I'll do my best to make it.
I usually need at least a week notice otherwise my plans get made for me lol. I'm up for about anything, hell I'll host if you want and we can go to the track or just cruise. Or just pick a good place for food and meet there (shrug). The Mississippi would make for some cool pics too so basically I'm saying I don't care lol.
My place is less than 10 minutes from the dragway. There is already a mopar show on July 14th and 15th and the most guys get a couple of staging lanes on the 14th. Everybody is welcome whenever at my place though.
The track isn't open at night, however there is a cruise night afterword in Rockford I believe at 5.
Iight, there's beer in the fridge and I'll be there as soon as the hot rod shop is done filling my bottle lol.
So are you going to be at the track Saturday?
Ok, cool. Its $10 to watch but like I said, I plan on cruising up to Rockford for the cruise night and some free brats after so it should be a good time.
Sorry, the 14th is what we were talking about.
Yup, strip and cruise Saturday, I usually only go to Anderson dodge but there is another to belvidere before that. The show is both days but the participant judged potion is Sunday.
What happened to our steak dinner bet?
Not gonna lie, that sounded a little creepy bud haha. But my fridge is regularly stocked lol.
I've always wanted to check out Cordova, wish I didn't have to work all day.
Yes sir, I'll be at the track/ cruise Saturday and the show Sunday. I know Kent is hanging out Saturday and there are a few other guys coming to the show.
I wouldn't worry too much about how your truck looks, after all we let Kent hang out last year with his pooperdyne and twentyzzz lol. Ill look forward to meeting you and seeing that beast run (and stop). How is your tune working out for you? You planning on coming both days?
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