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I have a 2001 Durango with the 4.7L engine. It overheated this last winter and it is leaking oil into the cooling system. I took it to a local shop and they tested the Cooling System for hydrocarbons, which found 1083ppm hydrocarbons. You can also smell radiator fluid in the exhaust. The shop said the engine needs to be replaced.

Is the shops assessment that it needs a new motor sound right? or should I get a second opinion? It still runs and drives for about 5 miles before overheating, so I am not sure it is a total loss. Maybe just new heads?

Also, I was looking to see if there is someone/shop in Sacramento or possibly in SF Bay Area that people on here would recommend. I don't have a lot of money to put into it so cost is a factor.

This is probably a long shot but I'd actually like to assist so I can learn how wrench on it myself, and maybe it would save a little $.

Sorry for the long message. I appreciate any advice that you all can give.

Thanks, Matt

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At a minimum, you will need both head gaskets plus the misc bits and pieces that go with that.

If you are lucky, the heads are not warped from the heat. Even so, you probably need stem seals, etc.

If you are unlucky, you need one or both heads.
If you are more unlucky, you might have cooked pistons. The narrow top band above the top ring is not very heat tolerant.

If you have been running it or driving it, if the cylinders are getting washed with coolant, you might have piston/ring/cylinder damage also.

In any case, you have to pull the heads to see what happened.

If you are paying shop rate to have someone do all this, then you see why they might just suggest an engine.

Good Luck with it.
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