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I like this idea. I wanted to install a flush tonneau, but I also have plan on a black (of course) bed box. I can't have both, and between the two, I'll pick the box.

If you designed the tonneau mounting system and can fab it from plywood or something, then you have a stiff flat base to lay your glass sheets. I like the idea, it would work.

I am not sure about how strong the glass would be over a large space like that, but you could use 1/4" plywood as a base for strength. Come to think of it, though, 4-5 layers can hold a grown man, and a lot of tonneau's are fierglass. I guess if it's thick enough, you could do it without any other support.

My only concern would be the finish. Sanding something that large to be smooth would be extremely difficult to put it mildly!
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