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M90/4.7 BoostCreep's build thread

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So ive decided to throw some boost at my 2000 4.7-5 speed-2WD Dakota sport (work truck).
By no means am i new to forced induction. Ive owned both street and strip power level DSMs, a mild mod FairLadyZ, and a mild daily GTP.
But i probably will have some questions regarding the 4.7ohcV8.

I love the truck, ive had it for 4 years. I got it at 148k for $1400 with a steel cowl hood, flowmaster 44 dual exit exhaust, flaked clearcoat and some awesome bed well rust.

Its a bare bones, sport model, single cab. The only option it has is AC.
However i do have power windows, overhead console, tilt leather steering wheel, rear sway bar, all ready for it.
It now has 168k miles, syn oil, CAI, fender flares, 20" alcoa multi hole wheels with nitto tires, SRT style grille.

I cannot even begin to count the number of burnouts and drifts its been through on a daily basis, including dozens of sets of stock 15" tires on the rear ;D

The clutch is near its end and second gear is finicky at times.
A new LUK clutch kit is on the way and a new trans is sourceable when needed.

Plans are to drop my spare Eaton M90 w-body SC on to it, H.O. cams, 08+ intake mani, 40-60lb/hr injectors, SCT and mid to full length headers. Pushing 10lbs of boost.

For the M90 ill be doing a remote mount above the passenger side exhaust mani/valve cover, using a custom "output transfer plate" as its way cheaper than having a new LIM machined/fabbed from aluminum. The output transfer plate will bolt to the bottom of the blower and connect to the original TB location via 3inch piping, the blower will mount with custom mounts, AC may be getting deleted as i dont use it anyway.
No plans to intercool via water to air or air to air at this point. Meth injection may be a supporting future mod.
plenty of pics will be posted to document the build.
I guess so far my only concerns are, what oem bosch, deka, borg, or siemens injectors are compatible with our intake mani/fuel rails? *40-60 lb/hr*

Can the stock fuel pump keep up with the needed injectors?

*Only HPT experience*
Can other TBs with different tps/idle sensors be programmed in with SCT?

Has anyone ran into issues with forced induction at lower PSI levels (8-12lbs) on the 4.7?


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This is a neat idea but it's already been done check out boosted technologies jeep supercharger.com looks like they used stock fuel system and all I just don't think that small sc is worth 4k
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