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slvdak said:
thanks for all the info guys.
Heres another question, I have neon lights on the inside of the truck which is wiried into the cig. lighter. Do you think I could wire the mirrors into the same fuse? or would that be to much of a power draw and blow the fuse?

As for the cops, it was weird. I was driving around town as usual. My girl friend wanted a tea so we went to Tim Hortons, got a tea and parked in the lot. Sitting there a few minutes and a cop came walking up beside me. Look at me and said hello, looked at the drivers side mirror and turned and asked " are this signal lights blue?"...
I said ".... ahhhhhh, yeah."
He said, " we thought so, we saw you downtown and weren't sure if they were blue or not. You can't have those on the road, not flashing anyway."

So, I didn't get a ticket or a warning or anything, he just said they can't be flashing blue.

Hopefully someone can let me know about wiring into the cig.lights with neons already on the same fuse.
so change the bulb, that is when you get a warning for it by a cop that pulls you over for it.

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