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M1 intake turtle group buy

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I'm starting a group buy for the M1 intake turtles that are made by Salarguy. Salarguy is a member on this forum and has been supplying intake turtles for the Mopar M1 manifolds for years. He said he can only make them in lots of 10 so that's the reason I am initiating this group buy. I will probably be ordering two for myself, so I only need 8 other people to make this thing work.

I know many people are going to ask what an intake turtle is so here's a quick explanation. It's a piece of aluminum that is cone shaped and you secure it to the inside of your M1 intake manifold. It sits in the center at the bottom and helps direct the incoming air into the runners more efficiently by making a more even and smooth path. Many people complain about low end torque loss that is associated with the M1 intake manifolds and these intake turtles help to restore that loss. The M1 intakes are flat at the bottom of the inside and the air flow is disrupted by this spot, especially at low rpm when the air flow velocity is not as high. By having the intake turtle installed it eliminates this flat spot and improves the flow properties of the M1 intakes.

If you are interested in buying one of these for either your 2bbl or 4bbl M1 intake manifold here is what you need to know.


2bbl- There is two sizes for the 2bbl which are the standard size or the X/L size. Salarguy says the X/L is for stock or near stock engines and the standard size is for a modified or stroker engine.

4bbl- There is only one size for the 4bbl and it is the standard one.


2bbl: EGR intake manifold (standard or X/L size) is $65 USD
Non-EGR intake manifold (standard or X/L size) is $60 USD

4bbl: One version for $60 USD

All the prices include shipping.

The kits come complete with hardware and installation instructions.

The only payment method Salarguy accepts is money order in US funds.

If you are serious about buying one of these I will send you his name and address that you can mail your money order and info to. The info that he needs is whether or not you have a 2bbl or 4bbl. If it’s a 2bbl then you have to say which size you want and whether it is the EGR or Non-EGR version. Also, give him the address you want the turtle shipped to and finally some contact info just in case he needs to get a hold of you.

I am going to post this information on other sites so hopefully I can get 8 others to buy them as well. We won’t send any money until we know that we have 10 confirmed buyers.

If you have any questions about the group buy don’t hesitate to ask me. Also if you have more questions about the intake turtles themselves you can get a hold of Salarguy on www.bionicdodge.com , he uses the same username on there.

Here is a picture of an intake turtle inside a 2bbl M1 intake manifold.


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I'm not sure if this helps, but I found a "turtle" in my M1 when I swapped TB's a few years back.......when I asked about it then, the guys were installing them with locktite or something! I'm not 100% on that, but here's mine....if you notice, just 1 piece no screw!

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