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Im looking at lowering my truck but im also trying to keep in mind what my plans are with the truck and wanted to see what you guys thought. My current setup up front is all stock. The rear has 2" blocks on it to level it out as well as a set of caltracs. Im thinking of going 2" lower on all four but im also wanting to improve the handling of the truck. Now i know that my best bet would be to go with a Hotchkis but as we all know they are no longer made. So Im looking at going with the western chassis 2/4 drop. Or should i get the belltech 2/4?? What should i go with for shocks that would give me both handling and ride? At some point in the future i may pick up a set of hotchkis sway bars to replace my stock ones.

To give you a clue of what im building the truck for:
Im trying to build the truck for both road racing and drag racing. Kind of going the sports car route but without the sports car. I like being different thats why im doing it with a truck.
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