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Hey guys,

It's winter time, and I'm gathering thoughts and new ideas for my upcoming Dakota upgrades. My 2000 Dakota is a daily driver and is also used for hauling my ATV.

Currently I have 3" drop coils in the fron and a hanger / shackle kit in the rear, giving me a 3/5 drop. I had purchased an AirLift Ride Support kit with bags and brackets to haul my ATV without slamming the bump stops. Had Airlift replace the bags from a sleeve style to their pancake style.

I do have a set of DJM 3" lower control arms as well as a set of 1.75" shackle extensions. I am waiting for warmer weather to install these parts.

Going to replace the fender wells in teh bed, due to a little rust.

When I install the front control arms, should I just install a set of bags and relocate the shocks, so I can control ride height? Should I utilize the Airlift bags in the rear, but relocate them?
s are welcome. I do not have the budget to do a 4-link or anything too crazy, but would like to utilize air ride to a level.

Let me know if you need anymore info about my ride to hep.

2000 V6 Single Cab
Your input and suggestion

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Go with bags for sure, it sucks without them. I was lowered 5/7 with coils and controls arms and shackles, hangers, and blocks. I tore tires up in the front on any bump. In the rear you're going to have less than an inch before your axle bottoms out on your frame, so you might want to do a c-notch. Also, it's going to ride like shit that low.
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