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I have a 98 durango 4x4 w/318. A couple of years ago, I had a loud vibrating noise in the rear and it eventually got so loud that I could not hear on a phone with the truck running. At the time the dealership told me it was my tires. I later found out it was my rear end. Which they replaced.

Ok. Now I have the exact sound but in the front and it has been getting louder and louder almost to the point that you can't hear anything else. I am assuming it is my front end. I have checked fluid levels in both ends and replaced the fluid in the transfercase because it seemed to be scortched.

According to Chilton I tested the vibration, (which starts at about 20mph and continuously gets worse with speed), it starts at 2000 on my tach. Chilton says to change gears and see if it does the same at the same rpm. This does not make any difference. According to Chilton this is supposed to mean it is in my driveshaft.

Between my transfercase and my front end there is about an inch of play in the shaft.

Also after driving, the passenger side of the differential was very warm compared to the other side.

Initially presumed I would have to replace the front end. Now after reading through some threads here, I'm hoping it may not come to that.

Any help or advice would be great, thx

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I really don't believe it is your driveshaft (unless you do a lot of offroading).

Upon visual inspection, do you see any dents or dings in the drive-shaft? Look to see if you can see where any counterweights (often welded on the sides) may have fallen/rusted off. Unless you see something that looks off, I would keep looking.

I would be inclined to check your u-joints while you are under there. You didnt' state your mileage, but I'm guessing your getting up there with a '98. These can go bad over time.

They are usually not too expensive and can cause vibration & end play when they wear down enough to allow some movement. To me, that is much more likely to cause a vibration than the drive-shaft somehow going out of balance!!!!
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