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If you were to gaze upon the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive and ponder what you might add to sort of, you know, set it off a bit, you probably wouldn't consider adding a pair of wings. That's because you are not Jeremy Scott. He, on the other hand, would do exactly that. And has.

That's right, that winged wonder you see pictured above is not some sort of Redbull-induced hallucination. Rather, it is the result of a creative collaboration between Mercedes-Benz Cars Advanced Design Studios and the aforementioned famed fashion designer called, appropriately enough, the Smart ForJeremy. And, it has just made its debut at the LA Auto Show.

Besides the faux-feather flourishes that light up when the brakes are applied, the outward appearance of this 2013 limited special edition is tarted up with a custom set of propeller-inspired wheels with just enough shiny to balance the chromed finish of its tridion shell, mirrors and, um, "eyebrows."

Likewise, the interior is not exactly a study in subtlety. An aeronautical art deco theme is in full effect within the confines of the white, nappa-leather-swathed cabin, with its yoke-like steering wheel serving as the dominating focal point. If that's not enough to remind that you are in a road-going flight of fancy, it also boasts custom four-point seat belts and enough chrome trimmings scattered about to require sunglasses for safe piloting.

While we can't say exactly what kind of flap it will cause in showrooms - we estimate a price tag ranging somewhere from "Are you freaking kidding me?" to just north of "Would you have any Grey Poupon?" - we don't expect more than a very small flock to be offered for sale.

Scroll down below for all the available details in the official press release, along with video including footage of the Smart ForJeremy on the wing. As it were.Continue reading Fashion designer Jeremy Scott gives Smart Fortwo Electric some wing bling [w/video]

Fashion designer Jeremy Scott gives Smart Fortwo Electric some wing bling [w/video] originally appeared on Autoblog on Thu, 29 Nov 2012 17:58:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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