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looking for window stripping, and either cowl hood or shaker style

in specific colors. my cousin ones a 2004 QC 3.7L dakota, and is looking for the window track and weatherstrpping IN WHITE for this truck. im talking him into painting the handles, get a different cowl, tonneau cover, and doing the dash too. i know they make it, seen it on horsepower tv one sunday afternoon. just cant seem to remember who makes it? softseal, year one? the paddock? mr. gasket? dont remember. damn altshiemers(sp) is setting in.lol, now where my cane.?

also looking for a shaker hood for him. he has the 3.7. all ive found are the one for the 4.7 only. guess the 4.7 wont fit on the 3.7 truck huh? due to where the motor sits and all?

also like to see if i can find some weatherstriping for my 1995 dak, in teal.

thanks in advance.
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