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ok so i noticed today that my rear leafs have flattened out some.. my gues is the extra weight of my rack and what not.. they aren't like no shit flat.. just that they are a little loaded. or maybe i'm just crazy and they are fine but i'd like to get some stiffer leafs.. maybe some high lift leafs. maybe add a few inches to the back.

anyone know of any. i'm not done with the truck yet so i know i will be wanting a little stronger suspension when it is done. so might as well start now.

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1 - measure how wide your rear leafs are and measure the length of the main leaf

2 - go to junkyard and find rear leaf from another truck the is the right width and shorter then you main leaf but as long as you can fit (longer leafs added will ride less harsh vs the short add a leaf.

3 - disassemble your leaf pack, disassemble junkyard leaf pack, mix and match until you have the height/load capacity you want.

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