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Looking for 98 Dakota R/T oem pph headers or spintech

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Any body have oem MOPAR PPH OR SpinTech headers for sale?
Also feel free to call or text 585-230-3789.
Thank you
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Hi All,

We don't get over here like we used to but just to inform and share what you may or may not know, The second allotment of headers is in process right now. They just shipped out on Monday to all those already on our purchase list. Just to let it sink in, the order was over $15K. And this is the second order of our headers.

My first allotment of headers was sold in 3 weeks. All great results. Noone, has ever produced a true R/T long tube tuned header as these. My original post about this release has to be in here somewhere so read up if you missed.

We had these "Exclusively" developed with my old friend and owner of TTi in California. I had a 99 Dakota R/T owner loan his truck for 6 months to have these custom built on the truck. They fit like glove and make power. Anyone knowing of TTi know they only specialize in Mopar headers, and they work. These are the real thing, and the only real equal length long tube headers ever made for the 97-03 Dakota R/T and Durango 2 wheel drives.

They are not some hacked up shorties made into a pretend long tube header using adapter plates that warp and blow out gaskets. Or the old first time PPH mid length that lost it in the upper powerband.

Custom built off a 1999 Dakota R/T, 1 ¾” mild steel Headers with 3/8” flanges and 3” x 9” collectors. Bolts, gaskets, reducers, O2 bungs included. All the best.

I only have 3 sets in raw metal (can be coated) and 3 sets coated remaining and ready to ship. I ordered these as extras for late comers. Once these are gone, i doubt there are enough people remaining for me to make the investment for another allotment. These are custom built per order and not built to sit on the shelf, so it takes a good number of people willing to buy for any action.

One owner did a small video of his to show all clearances good.

Dakota RT

Anyone interested contact me directly for more info.



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The word is, Only 3 sets of plain raw headers remain, that could be coated, and just one set of coated remaining. Not sure if enough people interested to start another allotment at this point. These might be the end of them all.
Now, 2 sets raw and 1 set coated headers remaining
Only 2 sets of raw headers remain. These can also be coated per request. Anyone that have always wanted a set of "Real" long tube headers this is your chance.
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