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Longtube headers

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I cant find a set of longtubes with 1 5/8 primaries that are made for my 97 dak 5.2. I found a set of Pacesetter 1 3/4 longtubes for a good price but im afraid having primaries that big will not be good for low end torque. What do you guys think? Could I still say that im tuning for low end torque with 1 3/4 primaries? Anybody have a set of 1 3/4 longtubes that have good low end torque?
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Pacesetter LTs for a Ram won't work on a Dakota. Period. It's been tried by many to no avail.

Only LTs that will fit are made Spintech, and even those can be a problem. 99.9% of people wanting LTs with a Dodge Dakota don't need Long tubes, get the Spintech mid length headers, easy on, easy off and work great.
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