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This thread has been created so people who live in this region can give direct positive or negative feedback about automotive businesses in their area. Sample businesses include body/paint shops, dealerships (sales or service), parts stores, mechanics, etc.

Information to include:
1) Shop name
2) Shop address - include city/state
3) Shop contact info - names, phone #'s, e-mail addresses
4) When did you interact with this business? day/month/year
5) Parts you purchased from this shop (if applicable)
6) Work you had done by this shop (if applicable)
7) Feedback! Be detailed & honest.

Note: I would prefer that feedback be limited to first-hand experiences for accuracy. If you choose to post second-hand feedback that you read on another internet website or that you got from a friend, please specify those details in your post.

Note: Flame attacks or "clique" responses from third parties not employed by the shop will be deleted.

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I bet I'm the only one who'll ever post in here but oh well, it might help someone. I have a couple shops I have liked so far.

First, Royal Wheel Alignment (Rapid City, SD):
I needed new ball joints (or so the TMA guys told me) and I found the best shop after calling around was this place. They did the job for $500, which included Napa lifetime warranty BJs. They're friendly too, which is really something that influences where I take my business. Date of that appointment was May of 2007. In addition to my good experience with them, a friend of mine who is a licensed mechanic (no longer works as one) takes all his vehicles there for alignments.

Second, Midwest Clutch and Auto Repair (Rapid City):
I just had my fuel pump replaced here this month (8/07), and they are also a pretty friendly shop. They had the cheapest labor, gave me my old parts back when they were done, and I've had no problems with the fuel pump since. The part that surprised me the most was how fast they did the work, it probably took them an hour and a half to two hours, much faster than they told me it would take. It doesn't probably matter, but I talked to Alan.

Well, those are the 2 shops that I recommend around here...not sure if anyone on this forum even lives near me, but it's 1:00am and I have nothing better to do. Hope it helps someone out...

btw- I'm looking for a shop to do window tint for me. If any of the maybe 2 people on this forum from SD have a good place, post it here!

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rebuilt engines?

Has anyone had any experience with Mopar Auto Machanics out of Tulsa, OK? I can get a reman engine installed down there fo $2600, but it only has a 4 month warranty. I'd rather do that than spend more on an engine, but the other options come with at least a 3 yr/60k mile warranty. So I'm hoping to get some feedback on this. Thanks guys.
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