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Local Business Feedback Thread

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This thread has been created so people who live in this region can give direct positive or negative feedback about automotive businesses in their area. Sample businesses include body/paint shops, dealerships (sales or service), parts stores, mechanics, etc.

Information to include:
1) Shop name
2) Shop address - include city/state
3) Shop contact info - names, phone #'s, e-mail addresses
4) When did you interact with this business? day/month/year
5) Parts you purchased from this shop (if applicable)
6) Work you had done by this shop (if applicable)
7) Feedback! Be detailed & honest.

Note: I would prefer that feedback be limited to first-hand experiences for accuracy. If you choose to post second-hand feedback that you read on another internet website or that you got from a friend, please specify those details in your post.

Note: Flame attacks or "clique" responses from third parties not employed by the shop will be deleted.
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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