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Hey, quit pickin on my truck, I feel like I'm at work:funny: I have a full page add from back in the day that I'll have to scan and put on here. It has pics of an LRD and a Warrior right rear 3/4 view showing the tailpipe :huh: don't know what they were thinking when they picked the veiw. may have been 1990 models and the add was in 1992, but they looked cool at the time. the add has a break down of all the bed parts in it. bed sides are all fiberglass (shaped like chevy fenders) along with outer skin on tailgate. steel parts are all "galvaneel" (thin A$$ galvinized sheet metal). they also had just the bed available to put on any 87-92 Dakota at the time, have seen some built with LRT door decals and some with stock wheels. haven't researched much lately, but have pics of my truck with a stock bed when it became my DD in the winter, maybe i'll scan them too.
I never got the name of the magazine from you, and lost many of my pics when geocities shut down. Still got the mag?
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