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dakotagirl82 said:
not trading it in after all the mods :hammer: :vomit: id get in trouble with the fiance for doing something that silly. ....whats so bad about getting it painted black, other than the dirt thing lol
It would definitely cost you at least couple thousand dollars for a quality paint job. Does not seem worth it to me to just change the color to black. I can see spending that kind of money to get some kind of crazy color with graphics. But to just go from grey to black seems a little rediculous. I think that your fiance will think that painting it will be more silly. Trading in the grey one for black and then buying all the mods all over again would be cheaper than painting it black. However, Adam does have a good idea about trading it in and converting all the mods from the grey to the black. Good luck. Let us know what you decide to do. Also, with the black paint you get lots and lots of swirl marks in the paint after repeated washings. Then there is more work involved to get the swirls out. Black trucks look sweet but they are such a pain in the ass.
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