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Light towing during new gear break-in period

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Hey guys,

I have a buddy putting in my 4.10 gears into my '02 4x2 4.7l this weekend. I know the break-in period for the gears is 500 miles of easy driving (no towing), but I was wondering if I could get away with towing my boat to the shop about two miles away during this period? It's going to take me over a month to finish the full break-in period and I would really like to have the boat worked on ASAP. I live in Sacramento and it's dead flat... what do you guys think if I go real easy on the gas? Boat and trailer are about 2800#. Not worth it?

Thanks for your input
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The beak in period isn't necessarily for the gears themselves, it's more for the bearings. If you put too much load on the bearings before they have a chance to seat properly, you will be replacing the everything again.
At 2800lbs., you could get something else to pull the boat and not run up against the max tow limit. You could always rent a truck from Uhaul, Lowes, or Home Depot for when you need to take the boat into the shop and then pick it up. The amount of money spent on renting a truck for a couple days is cheaper than having to put new gears, bearings and bushings in an axle twice.
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