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Here is the situatuion, so grap a drink and get comfortable...this is gonna be rather long.
I have a 93 v6 RC 3.9 V6. It has been modded to the max. Nothing is original except for the crank and rods. It has 9.5-1 compression. The heads have been ported and polished. They flow .265 on the intake from .350 all the way to .600, and 177 on the exhaust starting at the same. I have obx stainless headers with true 2.5 duals flowing thru Hooker Aero Max mufflers. The intake is modded Kegger. 12" runners, divider work, and TB bores cut to accept a 50mm Dwight TB. I have HS 1.6 Roller Rockers, a .510 lift cam. I have upgraded the springs, seats, retainers, and lifters for the cam. I have also installed full Mallory Hyfire IV ignition. It has an underdrive crank pully, and Electric fan off a Lincoln Mark 8. I also have 3O pound FMS injectors, with 42 pounds of fuel pressure. It has a NV-3500 tranny with a Ram heavy duty clutch.
The problem is it is OBD1. I have read on here that pretty much only B&G tune these. I've also read that he is hard to get along with, so that's why I'm asking you all first.
1. How much can you expect to pick up by having my mods with one of his flashes. (how much extra is his flash worth HP and TQ)
2. What all we he change on there. I don't need the timing messed with, as I am running a 100 shot.
3. How long does he keep it?
4. Has anyone run his flash with an OBD1, and if so any E.T improvements over stock computer?
I know this is a long azz post, but after going to all the trouble of putting all that time and money in the suspension and driveline, not to mention the motor, if one of his flashes is going to yeild a great improvement, then i may as well get it done. So here you go guys..tell me what you think.:drive:

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danbap was running an obd-1 flashed pcm for iis blown( i wanna say 408),as far as how it ran with it,you'd have too ask them,im in the same boat(obd-1) and honestly i dont know if b&g still flashes our's,but my suggestion is if your going to go flashing your pcm,have another stocker just in case something goes wrong and you have too return your pcm back to them,and as far as i know our only other options are carbed,standalone,or the flash,their maybe more of us obd-1's here on the forum,,but mostly obd-2 and everything's catered to them.call b&g see what they say..me personally im just running a mopar pcm,but still have my stocker.hope that helps.
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