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Okay, I've been having this problem for quite some time now. When I first bought my truck used from a dealer, I purchased two brand new keys, they were fresh cut and programmed to my truck. About a month or two after that, one key lost programming. It would still turn over and start the truck, however, the lock, unlock, and alarm buttons on the key fob don't function on the truck.

I took it back to another dealer and they had it for a few days, and said it could be the gauge cluster. Bought one and it didn't change a thing.
Then they said it was a Wireless Control Module, however that didn't help.
Then they said it may be a short, so the mechanic ran wires and I believe he said he replaced something, and reprogrammed the keys and it worked again.

Well, about a month later, one key fob stopped working. So I switched to the other fob, and it worked for probably 2-3 months, now it's doing it again.

What happens is I turn off my truck, get out, hit the lock button and it locks my truck. You can hear the audible horn as if you are locking it. If you go to hit the lock button again - nothing happens.

It's done this every time. And I'm trying to find a solution without taking it back to the dealer and getting raped on the cost to repair it.

​​​​​​​Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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