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I dont believe you will get 26hp out of that kit. If you notice, they say "Up to 26hp" which means your vehicle could get get a gain of anywhere from 1-26 hp increase. Their tests are done on certain vehicles, theres no garauntee that you will get that much. I have a K&N drop in filter in my 4.7. They say gains up to 15 hp for it. But i couldnt even feel a difference after i put it in. But, You will definately notice some improvement on your V6. My last car a V6 and I put in a drop in K&N and it made a big difference. On a V6 it is worth the money, but i dont think so on a V8. Not unless you have many mods to go with it. But $225+ is alot to spend on an air intake. Especially one that suck in hot engine air. I have never heard anything good or bad about Volante intakes, but their concept of using an airbox makes good sense. Open filters do suck more air than boxed filters, but they suck in hot air, not cool air. Hope this helps.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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