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I finally got to do a little testing w/ the Durango, I had a day off of work today :):)

With the port plug in and ~200in. of port tuned to 33 I did a 52.6 MECA style at 37 hz :) Thats all I needed to make me happy, it was louder than the old box.

Unfortunately when I took the port plug out I only got about 2 min of testing in b4 my buddy Mark's mom almost had a heart attack and said we have to stop :( We only got 3 burps in but we did get a decent number still, just no time to really play around. I ended up poppin a 154.3 at 58hz.

The thing is that I still haven't sealed around the wall at all, its pretty bad, lol. I still have to thicken the baffle more, its not strong enough. I had the drivers seat out and the passenger seat in still, didn't get to test it any other way. Lots of bugs to work out and I still got a nice number. I'm thinkin I should end up around a 157 after playin around for a while :):) Which ain't bad at all :)
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