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Just a little eye candy....

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I have a 2000 SLT Plus, 4.7L 4x4 and decided after having her for almost 10 years, it was time to pretty her up a bit.
So I replaced the nasty looking headlights with 1 piece units. Replaced the cracked black grille with a chrome one. Replaced the chipped, rusted black upper bumper with a chrome one. Replaced the jacked up lower bumper/valance with a new one (still needs paint). Replaced the stock driving lights as mine were yellowed and all cracked. Added 100W offroad lights. And replaced the stock tails with custom ones. I love chrome on a black truck. I hope to get her repainted metallic black next year when I will replace the deer damaged grille guard , paint the wheels, and replace the VentShades. All thanks to LMC Truck.

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Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Automotive exterior

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So with that, I have stock tails, stock front turn signal lenses, and a stock front bumper bar (just needs sanding and paint) for sale. The lights are in PERFECT condition. The headlights were trashed due to the housings being broken.

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Thanks. I used to have a '99 the same color as yours but it was totaled in a wreck in '04. Thats when I picked up the black one in the pics.
I love ours so far.. Especially the color. I'm considering painting the grill to match though. Maybe a Westin Safari Bar. Gonna keep Suspension stock, or stock upgrade,and do most the work to the intake,exhaust and tires side of things.. I have a small trailer to tow and don't want to jack it up...lol Well this one.. I told the OL I want to get my own Rango maybe in Feb.
Its stock height too. I did replace the 15" wheels with 16" Eagle Series 123 with Kumho 285-75-16 ATs. So it went from 31' tires to roughly 32' tires. I had BFG ATs on it but after 70K miles...they served their purpose well. The wife wont let me lift it so its going to stay as is. Ive been looking for a 2WD 318CI or 360CI Durango for me but I have too many projects as it is. Besides, I have my '91 Cherokee Laredo to play with.
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