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JM HID kits

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I talked to the guy from JM Auto Racing and he has agreed to group buy with dakota-durango.com. Here's the deal... Right now the price for a single set without the group buy is $99 shipped, but if we can get 5 people to commit it will be $85 shipped and 10 people would be $80 shipped. This group buy will only go on until Jan 31,2010. The terms are you can chose any size and temp you want but if you use paypal there will be a 3% fee added or to avoid that you can request a invoice from him and not have to worry about the 3% fee.
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1.zclif2601 foglight HID 6000k 881
2.bos-r/t high and low beam 6000K HID
Thats a good deal. 55 watt 9007 HI/LOW 6000K HID for 79.95. Shipping is 17.00 but is still a good price
$50 hid kits? Lets think about that. I bet you they last 50 weeks at most. Those kits are way to cheap to be of any quality. You don't want to believe me then Ill let you talk with the experts
Actually with shipping they are 97.00. Thats if you go 55 watt and its for high/low beam applications.Thats 79.95 for the high/low beam kit and 17.00 shipping. Im not buying from them. Im gonna buy from you. I just bought some from you before christmas for my daughters accord and we love them. The only problem we had was I had to cut the wires that plug into the bulb harness of the car and switch them around because the way o-nex had it was the polarity was reversed and wouldnt come on. If I wasnt a mechanic then I never would have noticed that and would have sent them back. But everything turned out. That is a good deal from ddmtuning though. I like the LIFETIME warranty they offer. Does anyone run them?

Bos-R/T, you didn't have to cut anything. All you had to do was pull the metal pieces out of the connector and switch them. All hi/low bulbs (9007, h13 ) etc have different spots for the hot wires on every car. Which is why he come with the connector.
I bought the 9006 low beams.
I would be interested in this but I would like to hear from someone who has them.
I bought some for my daughters accord. I paid 115.00,I dont know why since the op stated 99.00 shipped,and they look excellent.
I thought it ended on the 31st? And whats up with a 5.00 payment/deposit? What exactly do we have to do to get this group buy? And when does it end? 29th or 31st? First it was all good. Then the high/low kits went up 35.00 more. And then I found out that normal price on the low beams are 99.00 shipped when right at a month ago I paid 115.00 shipped for some low beams. Would someone please tell me the FACTS? Thanks :huh:
As of right now only one person is on this group buy. I have received a payment from JohnPrice. Payments on the high/low kits can be sent at anytime and for anyone awaiting the final price on the low kits, please send me their email so I can send them credit authorization forms. Once you have the form fill it out and send it back. Once the group buy ends your card will be charged for either 85 or 80 depending on the amonut of people
I want the high/low. If theres not enough people how much will my card get charged? Im not giving my card to anybody without knowing the exact amount FIRST thats going to be charged.
There is enough people for the high/low. There is at least 5 people and the only discount is 115 for the high/low kits.
Okay then send me a form to [email protected] and I will send it back to you on wednesday.
I just hooked up my bixenon kit and cant seem to get any different output from switching to high or low. It stays the same brightness whether high beam is on or off. Anybody else have this problem or know what the hell I did wrong?
I connected and reconnected everything stiull nothing. I unplugged my three pin factory headlight connector and one of the outside wires would have 12 volts and the other side wire have 3 volts and then when I switched to high beam it would be the same way but reversed so I know im getting the right signals BUT when I connect that connector to the HID connector the voltage automatically goes to 12 volts on both outside wires whether I put it on low or high beam. Its like it has a bad relay or something.:huh: :huh: :huh: :huh:
Is anybody having problems with people flashing their high beams at them when your HID's are on low beam? I had a cop high beam me last night so I high beamed him back and he warned me by turning his roof lights on. So I turned my fuckin lights off. Im surprised he didnt pull me over. But by that time I was pissed because I have gotten a few so far high beam me and when the cop did it I was pissed off and didnt give a shit if he pulled me over. I have the high/low kit.
what exactly are you asking? your lights may just need to be aimed down a tad, or the people flashing you are retarded and look directly into your lights. i havent been flashed in months and i drive mine daily.
Maybe I do need to adjust them. Fuck them. They are just gonna have to live with it. LOL

im confused to why this is getting bumpt up lol, must not be the same guy running the JM DD name
I was wondering that too.
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